Benefits of joining

There are many benefits for a supplier organisation that completes the Eurosafe UK CDM Competent Scheme:

  • Mutual recognition of the Eurosafe UK CDM Competent Scheme by fellow members of the SSIP Forum
  • A detailed audit trail that evidences to your clients that your health and safety arrangements have been independently assessed by a SSIP accredited organisation
  • A reduced level of risk achieved by knowing that you have successfully evidenced that you have met the core criteria for the stage 1 assessment of organisational capability as defined in the HSE’s ‘L’ series guidance to the CDM Regulations 2015
  • Our annual renewal procedure re-asseses your health and safety procedures every 12 months
  • The criteria used to assess your organisation are recognised by the HSE who are supporters of the SSIP Forum; thus you can be satisfied that best practice procedures have been used during your assessment.
  • Reassurance that as an owner, director or senior manager in a business you have reduced the risk of prosecution by evidencing that you have arrangements in place that meet industry recognised standards.

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About the CDM Competent Scheme

The Eurosafe UK CDM Competent Scheme is a health and safety assessment exercise based on the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015 and other workplace related legislation.

Eurosafe UK assist clients in discharging their onerous duties relating to assessing the organisational capability of suppliers they appoint to undertake work on their behalf. Under the CDM Regulations 2015 a client should not appoint consultants, contractors and individuals without first taking reasonable steps to ensure that such appointees have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform their duties in a safe manner.

Eurosafe UK are proud to be an accredited member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement Forum ( The SSIP Forum has been established to enable mutual recognition between various third party health and safety assessment schemes. In short it means that if a supplier of services has been successfully assessed by a member of the SSIP Forum then that assessment may be mutually recognised by the other members of the Forum.

This is great news for all construction businesses. The SSIP Forum then that assessment Forum will result in a reduction in the costs and resources currently being spent by organisations when completing the abundance of different health and safety questionnaires relating to pre-qualification exercises.

By successfully meeting the stringent criteria needed to become a member of the SSIP Forum our clients are secure in the knowledge that Eurosafe UK are competent to assist them with discharging their legal duties relating to appointing only competent duty holders.